What makes AMATE coffee so unique?

Like the truly BEST WINES are NOT a MIX of different grape types, OUR COFFEE is NOT a MIX either. 

It stays truthful to its terroir.

We are...

the 4th Generation Coffee Farmer Family

cultivating sustainable high-quality Coffee for more than 100 years in the mountains of Mexico.

10 more families live alongside us on the ranch and we provide work to more than 200 people in our region.

We offer you...

our Sustainable High-Quality Roasted Coffee:

  • Firsthand (from seed to cup safeguarded by us)
  • Limited Edition (only the best from our own plantation)
  • Organically cultivated 100% Arabica

We do it ...

by connecting us directly with YOU (no traders in between)

through a brand NEW project in Europe that is:

  • operating within an ethical business model
  • having a positive impact on society
  • taking care of nature
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Do YOU want to know more about AMATE?

What SUSTAINABILITY means for us!
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