Amate Team

We are a coffee farmer family that has been cultivating Sustainable, High-Quality coffee for more than 100 years in Mexico.

Now we are bringing to Europe only the best of our own organically cultivated coffee, from our ranch directly to you without traders in between (Zero Trade).

Doña Graciela und Don Efraín
Doña Graciela & Don Efraín (wife & husband)

Doña Graciela & Don Efraín

  • Owners of our ranch
  • the 3rd generation coffee farmers

Anne & Efra

  • Founders of AMATE
  • the 4th generation coffee farmers
  • Contact persons in Europe
Anne & Efra
Anne & Efra (wife & husband)

Ten more families live alongside us on the ranch and there is a team of highly committed people helping us in this new project.

Nacho (Juanita's husband)

Nacho - our ranch manager

  • lives on the ranch for more than 47 years

Juanita - taking care of all our female team members

  • lives and works with us on the ranch for more than 30 years
Juanita (Nacho's wife)
Victor, Atalo & Ismael
Victor, Atalo & Ismael (sons of Juanita & Nacho)

Victor, Atalo & Ismael (born at the ranch) - take care of:

  • our organic coffee plantation
  • quality control during the harvest

Teofila, Chano, Sara - take care of:

  • our coffee processing
  • quality control after the harvest
  • coffee selection
Teofila, Chano, Sara
Teofila, Chano, Sara (mum, dad and daughter)
Marco (Efra's cousin)

Marco - our Micro-Lot expert, in charge of:

  • selecting the best coffee for Europe
  • Export and Logistics in Mexico

Massimo - our roasting expert, in charge of:

  • creating the perfect roast for each coffee harvest
  • quality control for our roasted coffee
Massimo (close family friend)

Do you want to know what makes AMATE coffee so unique?

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