Sustainability for Men and Nature

from our Ranch directly to YOU!

1. Sustainability for Men

We engage in specific actions that improve the working and living conditions for the people in our region.


  • have established basic infrastructure (roads, water, electricity, health-care)
  • have created higher infrastructure (schools, kindergarten, play grounds)
  • are a reliable and fair work source

Equally important, we aim to have a positive impact on your life, every time you enjoy a cup of our coffee.

Social Responsibility, not just words but a Life Philosophy
Natur schützen
Protecting Nature is protecting our home!

2. Sustainability for Nature

We protect and preserve nature, from planting the first seed in Mexico until you can pour our coffee into your cup, without making ecological compromises in order to earn profits.


  • have planted thousands of trees in our ranch
  • cultivate our coffee organically
  • recycle and use recycled material as much as possible

3. Economic Sustainability

We want you to be satisfied with our coffee, and that you happily pay for it, so

we can:

  • produce and bring you coffee in a socially and environmentally responsible way
  • secure the future and provide a decent way of living for more than 200 people depending on this project
Amate Tasse
Enjoy our sustainable high-quality coffee!

Do you want to know WHY we started AMATE?

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