OUR Story

The REASONS why we started AMATE

1. We want to share the passion, knowledge and 100 years of family tradition that we have for coffee with you.

For us coffee is more than just a black bitter tasting beverage!

  • Coffee is one of the most aromatic beverages worldwide, it has around 800 aromas (wine has around 400 aromas) for you to explore and enjoy.
  • Today you can find roasted coffee almost everywhere, but how many of these thousands of coffees are Sustainable High-Quality and not just an industrial product? We are eager to share with you the differences.
AMATE Kaffee
Our Sustainable High-Quality coffee for you to enjoy

2. It is our contribution towards a real worldwide challenge

The Coffee Industry is broken

Due to the structure of the coffee chain and the continuous decline of the green coffee price, it is impossible to survive as a coffee farmer by only selling the harvest.

Quoting the International Coffee Organization:

"1 Cent USD is the amount a farmer receives on average from the sale of a $3
USD cup of coffee"*.

*Source: International Coffee Organization

The Consequences are

that several small coffee farmers have been forced to take some of the next actions:

  1. Produce coffee at the lowest possible cost without considering the social or environmental impact.
  2. Increase yields with chemical fertilizers.
  3. Stop producing coffee and let the plantations die.

For us none of the 3 actions above are a legitimate option.

In our ranch 10 other families live and work alongside us and we also provide work to 200 people during harvest season. Therefore, it is not an option for us to stop producing coffee leaving all these people without work, nor to produce coffee ignoring the social and environmental consequences.

So we decided to keep our family tradition:

  1. being socially engaged in our region
  2. taking care of nature
  3. cultivating high-quality coffee

and to start something brand NEW in Europe with our AMATE project, by bringing our coffee from our ranch directly to you.

Part of our AMATE team after a working day
CoFounders of AMATE
Anne (German) & Efra (Mexican) cofounders of AMATE

We are confident that with conscious coffee drinkers like YOU,

  • caring about what you drink,
  • buying high-quality coffee,
  • and supporting new sustainable initiatives,

other small coffee farmers will be able to work as we do.

Thank YOU for Your Support!

Anne & Efra

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