Social Responsibility

Not just words but a Life Philosophy

Understanding the local challenges

Our family has been living in the region for more than 100 years now. In fact, Don Efraín was born in our house at the ranch. He spent his entire childhood and adolescent years there and grew up with the members of our AMATE-family.

Back in those days, there was neither running water nor electricity on the premises of the ranch, not to speak of school facilities or medical care. The only means of transportation were donkeys and horses. It took about 12 long hours by horse for people to reach the closest road.

Against all odds, Don Efraín managed to overcome all obstacles and became a successful businessman in Mexico City and had a family on his own. He never forgot where he came from and the people in his region and returned as often as possible bringing his wife, son and two daughters with him.

Kaffeebauer Don Efraín
Don Efraín

This is the type of commitment - the affinity for the people in our region - that makes us go the extra mile and that drives our efforts to create a better future with and for the people in our region.

Revolucion de Trabajo1.jpg
"Our towns are united for the benefit of the people" 14 of June 1984

It's not just about giving, it's about working TOGETHER WITH the people

In the past decades, Don Efraín together with his wife, son and two daughters, had put a lot of effort, time and money in working with the people of our region in order to secure their basic needs. In a joint effort, roads and bridges have been built, the supply of drinking water and electricity has been ensured and the access to medical care has been improved by a long shot.

Thanks to his social commitment, he has established the basis, which enables us now to focus specifically on education. In conjunction with the people that live there, we have successfully implemented important projects such as the construction of schools, a daycare center for children as well as a playground and sports area.

Don Efrain in der Schule
Don Efraín is listening and giving guidance how to get a scholarship with us
We donated the terrain for 3 school buildings, and for a sports area
We donated the terrain for the small ones to have a daycare and a playground

By purchasing our coffee, you will not only enjoy a unique Coffee, but you will also help us to favorably change the lives of many people.

Many thanks for this!!!

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