Protecting nature

We need to safeguard the planet for future generations to come

organic plantation.jpg
Coffee plantation free of pesticides

Working in harmony with nature


  • Do not use any pesticides in the cultivation, harvest or processing of our coffee
  • Reuse natural elements to create our own organic fertilizer
  • Use the sun as a main source to dry our coffee

Trees are the lungs of our planet

Apart from absorbing a considerable amount of CO2 from the environment and producing Oxygen, trees are small reservoirs of water as well as the habitat of many insects and birds. Furthermore, tree leafs act as a natural fertilizer and protect the soil against erosion.


  • have thousands of trees in all our coffee plantation
  • preserve and reforest a large variety of trees keeping a balanced ecosystem
  • use the tree leafs for our organic fertiliser
Bäume sind die Lungen unseres Planeten
Coffee plantation covered by thousands of trees protecting the soil
unser Klassiker
Our aroma-sealed bag 100% recyclable

Recycle and use recycled material


  • do not use any filling material or plastic tape
  • have a special coffee bag and packaging leaflets (from chlorine free recycled or uncoated paper) that can be recycled duly
  • participate in the closed-cycle system (in Germany known as Duales System or Der Grüne Punkt) and make sure that our packaging materials are collected and recycled duly

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