The right preparation

1. Roasting type

Espresso Tüte
Espresso roast

We recommend ESPRESSO roast for:

  • Espresso Machine
  • Automatic Machine (espresso, lungo, cappuccino)
  • Aeropress
  • Mocha

We recommend FILTER roast for:

  • Chemex
  • Hand Brewed
  • Drip Coffee Maker
  • V60
  • Syphon
  • French Press
  • Karlsbader Kanne

unser Klassiker
Filter Roast

2. Grinding degree

(You can also order already grinded coffee from us.)

Imagine a classification of grinding degrees from 1 = very fine, to 10 = very coarse.

You can use the next table as a reference for your grinding.


If your coffee tastes too:

  • Bitter - try to grind it coarser
  • Sour - try to grind it finer

3. Water

Wasser für AMATE Kaffee
we recommend soft water at 96° C
  • Water temperature for brewing coffee should be around 96° C. Bring water to boiling point, and then let it cool down for about 30 to 50 seconds.

  • Water hardness of approx. 4-8°d and a neutral pH-value of 7.0 are ideal preconditions for coffee preparation. We recommend you to use a water filter if your water is hard (you see calcium formation in your water tap).

4. Coffee-Water RATIO and Preparation

The flavor of your coffee could change by:

  • modifying the grams of coffee or the amount of water (or both)
  • selecting a different machine
  • using a specific brewing technique

Click on the machine you have, to see our recommendation for the preparation.

CHEMEX (filter roast)
ESPRESSO MACHINE (espresso roast)
French Press
FRENCH PRESS (filter roast)
Hand Brewed
HAND BREWED (filter roast)

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